Monday, April 14, 2014

One Last Spin in Valley of Fire

This is probably the last trip (this year) for me to Valley of Fire...but you never know :) so we took advantage of our NAB travel to Las Vegas and went out to the desert again. This time most of our team that could make it in early went out with us. We had a great time but I can tell you this, when you get 13 people who all are Canon educators, the knowledge level is pretty high and you better be on your game...otherwise, well take a jab at each other at any opportunity, needless to say, we laughed pretty hard the whole trip. I work with a GREAT team!

There is just something about the sunsets there that are inspirational.

Of course, we had to break out the "illuminating tools"...

The "river of light" was not added in PS, modified a little, but...
Here is the original, which do you like better?