Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sunflowers Forever

I have never in my life seen a sunflower field this big... Just southeast of Chambersburg, PA in a town called New Franklin, lies two HUGE fields. My coworker and I had heard about this place after giving a seminar at the local camera store (Thanks people of LA Camera for the suggestion) and we got up early and drove out hoping we could find this place. It was a little vague based on the directions, needless to say, we found it.

I call this one "First One Up". As you may know, sunflowers actually move and "follow" the sun. Its actually how they grow that makes the stem twist. Some of the flowers were facing the opposite direction from the rest.

I just liked the detail in the face on this shot. 

Maybe I was channeling my inner 80's child on this one...

Imagine waking up each morning and seeing a massive field of yellow and green.