Monday, February 24, 2014

Light Painting the Stars

On a recent trip to Las Vegas and Phoenix, a couple coworkers and I had the bug to get out to the desert and do some light painting. We had been out to Valley of Fire several times before, but never really explored much. This time would be very different.

Driving to Valley of Fire is a short one and a half hour trip (a little longer if you stop at the truckstop and fireworks stand for some amusement). Our usual spot is at the parking lot at the end of Mouses Tank Road. There are a few really great spots there (see some of my images in the gallery). This time we decided to hike in a bit. Down to an old movie set that is still standing and offers a GREAT backdrop. 

Here you can see a remaining wall of a "Spanish Fort" behind the Orb. 

Since we had near perfect skys, and just a sliver of a moon, we decided to set up a new little toy we had with us. The PowerShot S120 from Canon. Usually we just see these as point and shoots, not really intended for "creative use", but when you have 4 seasoned pro photographers jaws drop in unison when they see what this little camera can do, you know its much more capable. 

Canon PowerShot S120 Star Trails Mode

Here the S120's "Star Trails" scene mode was used...yes, this is fully automatic. All you do is choose how long you want it to go, and place the camera. The rest is up to this litle beast. 

Of course, we could not stop there...

 What can possibly go wrong with steel wool on fire and spinning it around in the dark?

We are heading out again in about a week, I'll try and post sooner this time

Canon PowerShot S120 Star Trails Mode

Friday, February 14, 2014

Growing the Gallery- Shameless Self Promotion

Been "snowed in" here in Georgia for a few days, so I have been working on the Fine Art America site to get more photos up.

Browse around, make a comment in the comments field or even just give me a thumbs up (more likes I get, the more exposure my photos get) and share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or whatever new social media your using now. Who knows,  maybe one of these would look good on your wall as a canvas wrap or even a cool metallic print!

Here is the link for you   waterfalls metal prints

This is one of my past sales on FAA