Friday, October 4, 2013

Orbs in NYC (1)

We started our quest in the morning taking a walk on the New York High Line. It's an old elevated train track that was converted into a walking trail and park. We found SEVERAL places ideal for done light painting. We went back at night but alas, we got there right after the gates were closed... So, we will go back later this month when we return for PhotoExpo

Plan B- Madison Square Park. 
Orbs are done by spinning a light or steel wool connected to a string. Since the local law enforcement probably would not like us slinging sparks all over French tourists, we used a handy LED set of lights. 

You need a good tripod, a cable release and some good timing along with trial and error to get the exposure. Some crowd control is wise too. 

This one ended up my favorite. Looking forward to our next trip up. 

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